Paris in My Heart

In light of the events in Paris the past few days, I believe it is helpful to look within and search our own hearts to see what we might be holding onto that is less than compassionate, less than tolerant of others who are different. Rather than being quick to judge, to jump to conclusions and to assign blame, I urge all to become informed on the complex issues confronting us today.

As the alternative magazine, “The Onion,” predicted back when President Bush started the war in Iraq, when they warned that if we went to war with Iraq, we would create millions of Osama Bin Ladens by bombing that country back to the stone age, when, as all the intelligence agencies had agreed, Iraq did not  even have the nuclear weapons we were bombing her to destroy.

The U.S. has been perpetrating drone strikes, which have murdered thousands of innocent people, many of them children, since the Iraq War. Collateral damage has killed many more people than the terrorists which the drones were targeting. With this awareness, it is easier to understand why people in many countries in the Middle East detest this country. I imagine it is with great frustration in not knowing how to curb these militant strikes of the U. S. and some European countries, that births the terrorists that attacked Paris.

Once we have this awareness, we must figure out how to move from knowledge to action. What is it that I can do to help mend these fences in our world which is so war torn and in which millions are suffering as refugees from terrorism, and those, too, who, in this country, who are homeless, not getting proper food, clothing, medical care, housing, etc.

It is not enough to imagine another world, although that vision is important; we must work together to make sure no more innocent people are killed and that those who are in need, will be able to get their needs met and reach their true potentials—this is what we all deserve.