Hello. My name is Mirra Price. As a child, my favorite destination was the library where I would burrow into the books, savoring the worlds to which they transported me. I started a diary when I was eight, and continue journaling today. I have written academic papers, short stories, poetry, articles, blogs, newsletters, pamphlets and am currently writing a memoir.

After retiring from teaching English, I wanted to continue to work with language, as it is my passion. Since 2001 I have worked for three different test evaluation companies, grading student essays online.  For the past four years I have been proofreading and copyediting manuscripts.

My goal is to help authors to craft effective, dynamic writing. I strive to empower an author’s grand ideas, preserving the unique voice and style of each individual author. Even though a message may be engaging, style and delivery may get in our way. I strive to keep true to every author’s message, and, at the same time, to work the language to best enhance and deliver that message.

I believe in a hands-on approach, and explain why I suggest any changes, and will gladly answer any queries. I want to help you feel satisfied with the finished product, and will do everything I can to make your book, article, blog, story, etc. the highest quality product possible.

I give free estimates. Please see About Mirra and my Services page for more information, including Price List and Contract.

I exclusively use Mirra for my copyediting needs because she is simply the best. She has sharp attention to detail, fast turn around and fair prices. I cannot recommend her enough!
—Satya Tanner, Leadership Consultant and Blogger

I have experienced Mirra’s copy editing services of several of my peer edited international publications. Mirra is professional, very timely and discrete. Mirra is able to deliver various styles of formatting and referencing. Her focus is on high quality editing and a very friendly and efficient service.
— C.R., Professor, Author and Community Organizer

Mirra Price copyedited one of my books and several academic articles. She has a high professional standard and shows keen attention to detail. Her specialty is making writing clear, concise and engaging while conveying the author’s intended message. She diligently looks up any reference, grammar point, or fact if she has any doubt. She is very honest, always prompt and her rates are quite reasonable. She has my highest recommendation.
— Dada Maheshvarananda, author of several books, translated into 10 languages.

I want to thank my copyeditor, Mirra Price, who diligently worked on my first book and got it to the finished and polished condition it is in. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a topnotch copyeditor.
—Christi Golden-Clark, Author.